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In 2010 the NELOS Photo and Video Festival celebrates its 20th edition. It is more than just a contest. More than ever the 2010 edition is an international forum for amateurs and professionals who share their passion for the ocean and marine life ..


The festival is based on 4 pillars

- The contest remains the main event, and invites participants from all over the world. The competition is the basis for the international photo exhibition and video presentations on widescreen.

- Lectures by famous domestic and foreign guest speakers: their presence adds value to the festival, inspires the audience and leads to interesting possibilities for promotion and support by the media.

- Educational and informative for a wide audience: this festival seeks to fascinate both divers and non-divers, underwater photo- and videographers, in short, the general public, interested and open to the beautiful underwater world of which still so little is known . Therefore, the lectures and the projections are not merely about underwater photography and videography, but also cover the broad spectrum that characterizes diving technology, equipment, travel, biology, literature, science, etc.

- Environmental Awareness: divers, in particular the underwater photographers and videographers, are important ambassadors for the marine life that is currently very much under pressure from pollution and illegal and excessive fishing.
By showing the beauty of this fragile marine ecosystem, underwater photographers and videographers worldwide try to actualise those problems, and thus help to make people aware of the importance to maintain the necessary balance.
Because water is the source of all life...

“You know, you really shouldn’t call this planet Earth; you should call it Ocean! You get up there in space and look at it, its primary colour is blue.” Arthur Clarke



27 & 28 November 2010

Provinciehuis Antwerpen

“Guylian Seahorses of the World” Photo competition 

As part of its partnership with Project Seahorse, Guylian is organising the  2nd “Guylian Seahorses of the World” photo competition, in collaboration with NELOS Photo & Filmfestival 2010.
Project Seahorse is a pioneer in international scientific research on marine fauna and flora, focused on seahorses for which it has established targeted conservation projects all over the world. Seahorses are exceptional creatures for many reasons: they are masters of disguise, it’s the males who are pregnant and they form lifelong pairbonds. As seahorses are very fragile species, they are good indicators for healthy oceans and seas. If seahorses can survive, other marine life will also do well.
Since 1999, Guylian has been the long term partner of Project Seahorse. On top of a significant financial contribution Guylian engages in raising awareness for its work and achievements with targeted PR campaigns. Click here for more details.

Your seahorse photo in exchange for a bag of delicious Guylian chocolates...
and maybe even a diving equipment gift voucher worth € 500 !

Send us your best seahorse pictures before 20 September 2010. By entering the competition you not only supply Project Seahorse with new research material for scientific and educational projects, you also have the chance to win a 500 euros gift voucher for scuba diving equipment.

Every entrant will receive a free gift bag of Guylian Belgian chocolates worth 15 euros, to be collected on the 20th NELOS Photo- and Film Festival in Antwerp on November 27-28 2010. The competition winner will also be announced on this event. Last but not least, half of your entrance fee will be donated to Project Seahorse.

The competition jury consists of an international NELOS and Project Seahorse team, judging your photos for their artistic and scientific value, seahorse species, creativity, unique location, habitat, other marine life, etc. As 2010 is the International Year of Biodiversity we are adding this aspect to the competition; show us the wonderful diversity in seahorse species.

Please be extremely careful not to destroy or disturb in any way marine fauna and flora while photographing. More information about this competition can be found in de "competion" section of this website.


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